Department J-5

Putnam County Ewe & Me Program

Chair: Bill Whitt 304-562-6721

Committee Members: Darrell Warner, Michelle Blankenship, Ron Blankenship, Tasha Bailey, David Bailey, Danielle Grant, Laura Martin, Phillip Blake, Janice Luikart

  1. The Putnam County Ewe & Me Show and Sale features youth with physical and mental challenges who are teamed up with a helper to learn about the feeding, bathing, shearing, showing and general care necessary in raising a lamb.

  2. They must have the lamb by May 1 st, of each year. Lamb must be skin clipped before coming to the fair.

  3. The proceeds from the sale of the Putnam County Ewe & Me Program projects will be divided equally with one third of the profit going to the helper, one third to the participant with special needs, and one third going back into the Putnam County Ewe & Me Program to promote and continue the program.

  4. Each participant will receive certain flexibility considerations to ensure a safe, positive experience, in the Putnam County Ewe & Me Program Show.

  5. Weight of the lamb must be 90-135 Lbs. Anything under weight sells at the weight coming across the scale at the Fair. Anything over weight sells at 135 Lbs.

  6. In order to participate in this program, the exhibitor must be eligible for a modified diploma or the exhibitor has a physical disability that prohibits him/her from exhibiting alone.

  7. This program is not affiliated with the West Virginia University