Tuesday July 16, 2019 * 8 PM

Registration Begins at 6PM

Entry Fee $30.00 per car

Full Size Stock Pay Out

1st Place – $ 1,000.00

2nd Place – $ 300.00

3rd Place – $ 200.00

4th Place – $ 75.00

Mini Class Stock

1st Place – $ 750.00

2nd Place – $ 300.00

3rd Place – $ 100.00

4th Place – $ 50.00

**Each Driver and Mechanic has an Obligation to Read the Rules for their Best Interest**

  1. Each Driver must fill out an entry blank. All drivers must supply their own cars, only one entry per person in each class. Proof of ownership may be required on each car entered.

  2. Car driver must sign in at the registration desk at least one hour prior to show time or a $10 fine may be imposed for late arrivals.

  3. Nobody under 16 years of age can drive or be in “pit” area.

  4. All other General Track Rules must be observed or risk disqualification.


  1. Towing and transporting Demolition Derby cars to and from race locations MUST meet highway safety codes, (including proper light controls, safety chains, tow bar, towing trailers, etc.)



Any hard-top automobile or station wagon is allowed. NO trucks, convertibles, jeeps, hearses, Chrysler Imperials or limousines are allowed.  Engine swaps are permitted and can be carb or fuel injection. Transmission shifters can be stock or aftermarket.


  1. 4 Cylinder or V-6 Only

  2. Wheelbase 106 RWD & No more than 109 FWD. No Full frame cars. If car is painted black at 12” X 12” roof sign is mandatory. No altering. No trucks.


  1. All glass including windshield, side windows, rear windows, head and tail lights, rolling windows, chrome, and mirrors are to be removed. Any fiberglass on outside of or including plastic bumper covers are to be removed.

  2. Auto must be swept clean. No junk tires, wheels, metal parts, broken glass, etc. allowed in car.

  3. Chrome molding strips and the bottom portion of rear seats must be removed. On station wagons, all rear seats and deck lids must be removed. All fiberglass or plastic front header panels must be removed.

  4. Any sharp protruding fins or dangerous objects must be mashed down or cut off.

  5. No special bumpers, reinforcements or trailer hitches permitted. Fenders and bumper ends may be trimmed to allow for wheel clearance. On late models, shock bumper may be lightly welded or short piece of chain from bolt on bumper to bolt on frame.

  6. Welded solid or chained down engine mounts are recommended.

  7. Radiators must remain in the original position or taken off. Comparable replacement radiators are permitted. Transmission coolers are permitted, but only if they are secured inside the engine compartment.

  8. Roll bars are permitted behind front seat only with front support braces only.  Dash bar or seat bar to sheet metal is permitted. No roll cages.

  9. All doors must be fastened shut by wire, straps, and/or chains for the driver’s safety. Driver’s and Passenger doors are to be welded or wired shut 5” skip 5”.

  10. Only one battery, any size, is allowed. If battery is removed from original position, it must be placed in driver’s compartment, secured and covered.

  11. Light chains may be used on trunk or tailgate only. Wiring must be from sheet metal to sheet metal.  No welding washers to body for wire. No welding washers for holes. No other wiring to bumpers or frames. No welding, pre-bending, smashing, folding of sheet metal. No bands, bolts, pins, or cables can be used. No welds on hood, trunk, or tailgate.  Official’s decision on overuse of wires or chains. Hood and trunk must be left open until after inspection. Hoods must remain on cars

  12. BOTH FRONT DOORS MUST BE PAINTED WHITE FOR SAFETY and numbered. Special numbers are permitted. NO PROFANITY WILL BE ALLOWED ON ANY PORTION OF THE CAR! Numbering shall be on both doors and roof.

  13. Stock gas tanks must be removed from original position and placed in front of rear axle and no father forward than the rear of the seat. All fuel tanks must be securely fastened to the floor and covered. A portable tank is recommended in place of the original. Gas lines and fittings to fuel tanks must be secured and leak-proof. Only metal or rubber gas lines permitted. No plastic lines. Approximately four (4) gallons of gas permitted per heat.   Inspection official will give final approval on tanks and fittings.

  14. Each driver and mechanics must sign in at the registration desk the day of the derby and have their car inspected at least one hour prior to show time. Failure to comply with the inspection will result in disqualification of the “said car”.

  15. It is recommended that the driver’s door be reinforced inside with steel bar, angle iron, or pipe. Length not to extend more than 8” (eight inches) on either end of the driver’s door.

  16. It is mandatory that an opening be cut in hood over carburetor, approximately 12” or larger, square or diameter. Hood latches must be removed. Also recommended that a hold should be cut in middle of trunk lid for visibility.

  17. No restrictions on tire size or type. No double tires of liquid in tires permitted. No studs or screws in rims to hold tires. Valve stem protectors will be permitted. No split rims. Wheel weights must
    be removed.

  18. A strong wire or nylon mesh screen is recommended on driver’s window and windshield area. Plexiglas is permitted on driver’s windshield.


  1. Safety Belt, Z-90 approved helmet, goggles, safety glasses or face shields are required.

  2. No deliberate head-on collisions and on deliberate hitting on the driver’s side door.

  3. Vehicles must have dependable brakes at all times and boundaries must be observed.

  4. No cars are permitted in the competition area before the heat in which they are to participate.

  5. A vehicle will be disqualified if the driver’s door comes open during the heat.

  6. One minute limit is enforced by the track official for re-starts and making competitive contact with another car. Hits must be aggressive. Simple contact within the time limit does not constitute combat and could be considered sandbagging

  7. All cars are to be removed from the fairgrounds or race track following the show or they will become the property of the Putnam County Fair Demolition Derby and the officials will have them removed (unless otherwise specified at the driver’s meeting). A removal deposit may be required in some areas.

  8. A $100.00 protest fee is required to contest another car.

  9. A fire extinguisher is recommended at close reach in driver’s compartment.

  10. Due to insurance regulations, no one is permitted to ride on outside of cars at any time.


Boundaries must be observed at all times. Any car shoved or driven out of bounds or is on or over a pole may be immediately disqualified if derby officials feel it is a safety hazard.

The Derby will be composed of individual heats and one feature with cash prizes going to the winners of each heat and grand prizes going to the winner of the feature. DECISION OF THE OFFICIAL IS FINAL.

These rules supersede any and all rules previously used.

Rules subject to change without notice according to the PUTNAM COUNTY FAIR DEMOLITION DERBY committee


Contact information (304)-397-0008