The Putnam County Fair Board strives to provide eight days of fun and excitement. We make every effort to ensure all events and entertainment go on as scheduled; however, sometimes things happen beyond our control. The admission fee is not for any one event, but allows you to enjoy a variety of shows, exhibits, and rides. Therefore, we must enforce our NO REFUNDS policy.

Fairgoers will not be refunded their gate admission under any circumstances. If, for some reason, an event to cancelled after paying an entry fee for that event, then the entry fee only will be reimbursed. We cannot guarantee your satisfaction while attending our fair, but we feel we offer a wide enough range of attractions for enjoyment for an admission fee of $10.00. We do welcome your attendance and hope you enjoy your visit to the Putnam County Fair.



  1. No firearms, weapons, destructive devices, or alcoholic beverages allowed on Fair Grounds. Violators will be escorted from the grounds.

  2. Putnam County Fair, Inc. or its members will not be responsible for any accident sustained on the fairgrounds, accidental or otherwise.

  3. The Fair Board reserves the sole right to construe its own rules and regulations, and to determine arbitrarily all matters and differences in regard thereto, from which there is no appeal.

  4. The Fair Board assumes no responsibility for exhibits, however, we will take every reasonable precaution for their safe-keeping.

  5. All animals on the grounds must meet State of West Virginia health requirements and recommendations. See this Section of catalogue before making entry in the Fair. Contact your licensed veterinarian. Papers may be checked.

  6. No animal or pet will be allowed to run loose. Animals not on exhibit are not allowed on the Fairgrounds.

  7. In case of no competition in a class, the right is reserved to award a second prize if the exhibit is not worthy of a higher placing. The Fair Board reserved the right to combine classes where there is insufficient competition in a class.

  8. No articles or animals shall be entered for a premium unless owned in whole or part by the person offering the same, and when owned by a minor, the article or animal may be entered in name of such minor.

  9. No posters, leaflets, advertisements may be put on Fairgrounds except within your own exhibit space.

  10. All exhibitors must keep his/her area clean and tidy.

  11. Department chairmen will have complete control over their respective department subject to the approval of the Board of Directors. They will receive the articles or animals entered for exhibition and place them in their proper place. Failure of any persons, adult or youth, to comply with rules or requests of people in charge will forfeit all premiums won.

  12. No committee person will be permitted to act on any dispute upon an article or animal exhibited by him or in which he has an interest.

  13. Exhibits must be placed and removed according to times listed in each division.

  14. All youth on Fairgrounds after 10:00 p.m. must be chaperoned by a mature adult. Gates will be locked as scheduled.

  15. If the proceeds of the Fair after paying expenses are not sufficient to pay premiums in full, premiums due may be pro-rated.

  16. 4-H exhibitors must be enrolled in the Putnam County 4-H Program.

  17. The Putnam County Fair does not discriminate by race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, or religion.

  18. Shoes and shirts must be worn while on fairgrounds.

  19. Ticket Admission Policy:
    General admission to the Putnam County Fair will be as follows:


$40.00 – All ages 2 and up (includes rides)
* Season passes available up to and including opening day. No season passes sold after opening day.


Purchased at the Gate
All ages 2 and up …. $10.00
Prices include admission plus all carnival rides.

NOTE: State regulations require height limits on adult rides and must be obeyed.
Price does not include food and game booths.
All Concession Stand workers, including officers and Board of Directors, will be required to present tickets to be admitted at the gate. FREE TICKETS WILL NOT BE GIVEN TO ANYONE.

Vehicle Admission Policy

  1. Only vehicles with passes attached to the windshield will be allowed to cross the bridge. Vehicles must park in designated places on the fairgrounds.

  2. All passengers in vehicles must have admission tickets.

  3. Only vehicles with handicap license plates will be allowed to park in marked handicapped spaces. Violators will be towed and are subject to fines.

  4. The lower bridge will be locked to control access to the barn area.

  5. Overnight trailer with permission of the Board only.

Judges will not present any exhibit an award unless in their opinion it is so merited. When there is only one exhibitor in a class, the judge will present only one award, whichever one the exhibitor may merit in the opinion of the judges.

All claims for errors in awards must be made in person to the chairman of that division before exhibit is removed.

All judges shall be appointed by the individual Department Chairman of the Putnam County Fair and the decision of the judges in each department shall be final. No exhibitor may interfere with the judges in any manner, subject to the forfeiture of any or all awards.